Monday, 27 May 2013

The Various Filters that ASAP Water Ltd Offers

For home or business, ASAP has a wide range of water purifying products.

The ASAP Whole Home Filter, or WHF, will take care of your residential water filtration needs. They can be used as either point of entry or point of use. This filter will reduce: rust, iron, sediment, chlorine, and handles pre-reverse osmosis filtration. The filtration system is pre-assembled and can be mounted easily (all hardware is included.)

The HFF is a bag vessel assembly that keeps the filtration system on stream for a longer period of time because you don't need to change the filter bag as often. This device is made of polypropylene that is light in weight yet very strong. The sediment bag filter is 10 microns and it won't corrode. All installation hardware is included.

For UV filtration systems, there is the ASAP UV15 which disinfects water at the rate of 15 gallons a minute. It also removes sediment and chemical contaminants. This unit has a lamp life of 9000 hours, and is equipped with a quartz sleeve (this is convenient to clean). Its 5 micron pre-filter is replaced easily when needed.

The UV10 offers the same components and the same purifying, filtering and disinfecting benefits of the UV15, but is smaller, and offers a flow rate of 10 gallons a minute.

Specialty Filters include The SIM which will remove iron from water. Traditional iron removal requires chemicals, which are the last thing we want to put into our water, or expensive pumps and equipment. The ASAP SIM uses a patented construction which uses air to oxidize iron before the water goes through the filter. The SIM is also helpful in removing manganese and dissolved hydrogen sulfide that are present in low concentrations. The unit features SXT control, an override, a heavy-duty mineral tank, an inlet valve check, an adjustable regeneration cycle and easy to use electronics.

The TOCC is employed to remove chloramines from water. Most municipal water treatment plants use chloramines and chlorine in order to disinfect water. This is one of the reasons that water often smells and tastes like chlorine. ASAP offers a solution with its TOCC, which are designed for simple operation and feature strong fiberglass resin tanks, catalytically-enhanced carbon media, and a control valve for backwash.

Commercial filters include: Premier COM 300, Premier COM 600, Premier COM 1200. ASAP also offers a variety of water softeners and conditioners.